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ОбложкаAuthor — E. Yu. Savinsky  520 c., 912 yl . Cover solid , colored, laminated . Ed. Triumph Moscow .

 The book addresses various aspects of the history of the helicopter is about outstanding personalities, inventors, designers, scientists, test pilots, organizers of production and operation.

The book contains information on the design, flight and flight-technical properties of various types of helicopters, the most important features of their component parts: engines, fuselage, hinged blades and rotors, and warping machine and others.

The book reflects the problems of structural reliability, safety, efficiency and economy of use of rotary wing vehicles.

In writing this book the author relied on reliable sources, as well as on our own experience of participation in the development of helicopters. Talking about his contemporaries, the author could not deny the pleasure to use their emotional impressions of meetings and contacts with some of them.

As a specialist in the field of strength and reliability of aircraft, the author has tried to present the material simple, imaginative and, at the same time, technically competent language, so that the text is easily perceived by pupils, students, engineer or professor.

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